TESTEX’s Provides High-Quality Standards of Textile Testing Equipment that Gives Accurate Results

TESTEX is the leading provider of textile testing equipment in Guangdong, China since 2008. The company is known for its high quality of products such as Oxygen Index Tester which enables the production and quality control of textiles efficient and successful. TESTEX brings innovative textile testing equipment which will help every textile manufacturer to effectively check the quality of the textiles.


TESTEX is working with several companies and is popular especially in the western countries. Even though the company’s offices are based in China and Hong Kong, several countries in the western portion are relying on TESTEX because of the company’s excellent working textile testing equipment which makes the work hassle free and more convenient.


On the other hand, the company offers Oxygen Index Tester wherein the product helps in identifying the least oxygen concentration needed for the ignition of a sample in the mixed gas of oxygen and nitrogen following standard settings. The product that TESTEX offers is beneficial for manufacturers in the textile industry because of it can determine the needed oxygen in order to create a sample. With this, the testing can be done without consuming too much time and effort since the testing can be done just within the day.


In addition, several companies like SGS, TUV, and Intertek are patronizing TESTEX’s products because the products always meet the high-quality standards of the customers. The company works hard to achieve the quality that their clients are looking for and does not stop even they have exceeded customer satisfaction. The company’s product is done and integrated quality in order for to function well and meet the expectations of the clients. Also, customers are highly choosing TESTEX’s product because it of its fast delivery time wherein the company does not fail in delivering the product to the customers and the product does not disappoint when it comes to providing the result of the test.


Moreover, TESTEX’s product is budget-friendly. Even though the product is made with high-quality standards, the company sees to it that it has competitive prices which will work for the budget of the customers. Not only  those, the product is also flexible and prompt after sales service.


With TESTEX’s product, textile testing is now made easy. If you want to learn more about TESTEX’s Oxygen Index Tester, you can visit http://www.textileinstruments.net/pod_pro.asp?id=669&Oxygen-Index-Tester.asp for more details.


Contact Information

Company Name: TESTEX

Contact Number: +86-769-2329-4842

Email: sales@tes.hk

Website: http://www.textileinstruments.net

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