Office Trailers from Christie’s RV!

Being a film enthusiast, watching behind the scenes of a film’s pre-production, production, and post-production is undeniably one of my favourite pastimes. There is just something fascinating about how everything starts from the conception of an idea, to brainstorming, to gathering resources, to creating manpower, and then ending up with a classic film. A film production is filled with hard-working and dedicated people who are ready to give it their all. That means signing up for the constant change in costumes, lines, unprecedented on-set accidents, and film locations. How do they survive this? They use office trailers!

This is not much of a hassle when the filming only needs to be shot inside a large studio, but sometimes filmmakers need to move to an actual beach, rainforest, desert, mountains, and lakes to attain that realistic feel. While green screen and CGI effects can solve that, a natural environment gives a different impact that the audiences can feel, therefore resulting in a more enjoyable movie experience. This is where office trailers come in, they provide a space where the cast and crew can rest or spend the time preparing for the makeup, the gruelling 2 hours spent on applying wigs and prosthetics, constant change in costumes for different scenes and characters, as well as place of storage for the weapons and props to keep them in good condition.


Luckily, for new & used office trailer equipment for sale in Ontario, you have Christie’s RV to give solutions to your needs! Christie’s RV sells office trailers that will cater your requirements, meaning they can customise the office trailers and complexes to the layout that you require for your department. Imagine all the possibilities of turning a 60×60 Office complex to a warehouse or storage area for your wide art department that usually consists of the graphic designers, illustrators, weapons master, props maker, art director, and set designer!


Christie’s RV has been in the business since 1972, with 45 years of experience, they can offer all your needs along with the greatest service in Ontario! So for new & used office trailer equipment for sale, head on over to Christie’s RV’s website at or you can call us for inquiries at  705-777-2200.