Journalism- A Rising Job Market for Modern Storytellers

Journalism is a craft of spreading the information and communicating through the emerging technology. The job of a journalist is to cover the information about the business, culture, politics, arts, economics, history, entertainment and sports. Currently, Indian journalism is witnessing a radical growth in terms of newspaper and magazine. The number of units circulating across the country are increasing in great numbers. Apart from the print media television & news channels are surging by the day. In 21st century, people are driven by technology and nothing is bigger than the internet in terms of modern technology. Naturally, it did not remain unaffected by journalism and with the rise of Internet news portals the field of journalism reached to a new milestone.

The Journalism sector in India as well as across the globe holds tremendous promise for both seasoned and budding journalists. The opportunities in Indian journalism industry are enormous since there is a large pool of untapped potential along with the good creativity talent. In addition to that, the lifestyle of people has changed with good economy, FDI inflow, higher per capita income which are also driving the journalism industry. As a result of this growth new media industries are opening up, offering good career in journalism industry. Owing to various aspects, the value & scope of journalism has increased giving ways to different types of journalism. Investigative, sports, arts are just some of them to name a few.

Consequently, new professions arose and with that the education streams grew as well. Today you can see a lot of aspirants opting for courses like Bachelors in Journalism Arts, psychology or sports, etc. Among these fields, arts journalism is one field that is changing rapidly, creating amazing opportunities for journalists. An individual with a degree in journalism can work as a technical officer, Director, art director, general manager, print officer, supervisor, publication officer, reader, producer, editor, writer, stylist etc. As the field of journalism has various departments & streams, one can easily find a role for themselves to fit in perfectly. It can be anything from marketing to technical journalism, or designing content to managerial activities.

The possibilities and opportunities in the field of journalism are infinite, provided that one possesses the knowledge & expertise to make a space for them self. It is very important to be crisp & talented when it comes to this sector, but more importantly the journey to pursue journalism must be directed under correct supervision. In that regards the AIMS college in Bangalore is one of the most sought after colleges from where students acquire their degrees in Journalism Arts. In addition to the Journalism degree, Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences (AIMS) also offers programs like Executive MBA in Bangalore city. It is regarded as one of the best and well-reputed business education programs in India.

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