Cleared Match: Your Expert Partner in Background Screening

A Wealth of Experience

Cleared Match is your partner in employee background screening. With a combined 40 plus years in security, human resources, and criminal and corporate investigations, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to assure you get the best data available before you make an employment decision and beyond.

We are private investigators, skilled in searching for information. Our principals are highly experienced in cyber security, insider threat engagements, and investigations. Few other prescreening companies can offer that level of experience. Cleared Match does not outsource background investigations: we do business locally, never outsourcing to foreign countries.

Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia Cleared Match is supported by a network of law firms and experts across the US and around the world. We reach over 200 countries and territories with more than 150 unique background check services. We don’t tap into data systems: Cleared Match built its proprietary ATS integration from the ground up for the best results possible.

Minimizing Risk

Your company is vulnerable with every new hire. An unscreened candidate could lead to lawsuits, theft, workplace violence, or worse. For existing employees, Cleared Match provides continuous monitoring of social media to protect your assets, your employees, and your invaluable brand.

Cleared Match in-depth screening delves deeper and wider, generating rich, usable data far greater than other background screening services offer. We turn over every stone and scrutinize every data point to provide substantive risk analysis. Cleared Match provides:

  • Drug and Health Screening
  • Credit Reports and Financial History
  • Social Security Number Trace and Verification
  • Education and Employment Verification
  • Form I-9 and E-Verify
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Court Records Search
  • Employment Audit and Continuous Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring

Speed and Accuracy

You can have it all. Thorough background checks don’t have to slow the hiring process. Our highly trained professionals provide exhaustive screenings, completed in 48 hours or less.

We’re on the candidate’s side, too. We make it easy to submit information, and provide a dedicated candidate care team to facilitate communication and transparency. Our goal: make the process as fast and easy as possible for everyone.

At Cleared Match, our commitment is to our employer partners and the applicants who hope to join their team. Find out how we can provide your company with unmatched data, service, and support today.

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