Cheap Quality Tablets: The conflict between Qualcomm and Media Tek

Mobile phone and tablet chip market, Qualcomm and MediaTek is the world’s top two strong, one mainly in the high-end, the other one mainly in the low-end, like cheap quality tablet. It seems there’s no comparison between them.

The latest data show that the first quarter of this year, MediaTek’s mobile phone chip sales was fewer than it’s expect. Although the second quarter it might increase, but it also can not match the performance of the 2016’s. So the industry generally believes that MediaTek 2017, must have been quite difficult.

For the reason, maybe it would be relate to his old enemy Qualcomm. Compare MTK’s sales decrease, the qualcomm has increased so much on china market. Before, the MTK chips has been install in most kind of domestic brand smartphone and cheap quality tablets. But things was changed in the second half of last year, the main partners become to adopt the qualcomm chips. Since the market research, the lower-end model’s market is fade, so more and more Domestic manufacturers are gradually fade out of low-end models, high-end machines to become the direction of each force. But Media Tek’s attempt to develop the high-end is failure, so faced with Qualcomm’s challange, there is no strength to fight back on phone and tablet

Making matters worse, the Qualcomm has launched their first chips with 4G network. It’s no doubt to compete to MTK . No matter whether Qualcomm’s challenge is succeed or not, the MTK already has much trouble now, like their shortage, the partner’s decreasing demand and stronger competitor etc.

But nothing is impossible before the result turn out. So let’s wait and see how they will be. Hope more and more chips could be offered to improve the market of phones and cheap quality tablets.

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