Gameloft launches Iron Blade: Medieval Legends ARPG for Android and iOS devices

French company Gameloft soft-launched a new action RPG title back in March, Iron Blade: Medieval Legends. Today, the developer announced its game is now available to the general public in all countries, on both the Android and iOS platforms.

In fact, Gameloft released Iron Blade: Medieval Legends on the PC as well, so you can find it on Windows Store if that’s your chosen gaming platforms.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends is a love letter to action RPG fans, which features an enticing story and solid gameplay mechanics. As members of the Templars, players will have to defeat the demonic forces unleashed by Demon Lord Baal.

You’ll be fighting through scenic European landscapes bring back the light back to Notre Dame, defeat the undead hordes in Scotland, and banish the vampires in Transylvania.

Gameloft’s game promises an innovative combat where players can develop their own style by linking taps and swipes to perform powerful combos that will defeat enemies in one blow.

Moreover, players will be able to manage their domain resources and improve castle defenses. Unlock and purchase castle upgrades and special units that will help protect your domain while you’re fighting demons.

A variety of weapons and armors will be at your disposal, so choose the ones that will better fit your fighting style. The game also features a PvP aspect where players can attack others for their resources.

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