How do we feel about auto-wah pedals?

I’m picking up the looper pedal I discussed in another thread this week and I got a decent price on my ER-1 so looking at getting a couple more pedals.

Probably going to get an EHX East River Drive or Soul Food (I’m aware that they’re fairly different – not fully decided which yet) and thinking ether a reverb or an auto-wah pedal.

My amp has a reverb effect so I could save on that for a while, and I’m not going to have the cash for a crybaby type wah for a while… If I even need one…

I’m pretty green when it comes to guitar fx and pedalboards – so just wondered what the general consensus was on auto-wahs, and whether there were any recommendation around the 50 quid mark?




for more details: SaaS explainer video

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