Father’s Day Top Gun Airsoft Competition on Now!

Father’s Day Top Gun Competition on Now!

By Laura Reave

Are you looking for a fun new way to celebrate Father’s Day with your family? The annual Father’s Day Top Gun Competition at Forest City Surplus has become a tradition for many London families.

The competition at the indoor shooting range is open, rain or shine, from June 2-June 18 at 4:30 p.m. Only airsoft guns, not real guns, are used. There are two categories: age 14 and over, and age 13 and under. Kids shoot with adult permission only. Dads get one free entry (a $2.99 value) to give this target range their best shot, but paid entries are unlimited, with only the best score counting. Airsoft guns and accessories worth $400 are the prizes for the fastest, most accurate shooters in London.

The contest has inspired some rivalries among shooters in the past. In one family, the dad brought in his son to show off his shooting skills. Next the boy’s step-dad came in with him to challenge the score. Soon they were alternating regularly, each trying to beat the other dad’s number. Everyone was glued to tracking the tense showdown in this blended family, waiting to see who would be triumphant. You’ll never guess who the winner was:  the son! After all, he was getting double the entries!

Besides bragging rights, winners also gain induction into the Tactical Adventures Top Gun Hall of Fame posted in the store and online. Why not give it a try? It’s free and fun. Full contest details are posted at http://airsoftadventure.ca/airsoftcompetition/

Media Contact: Mike Diet, Forest City Surplus Tactical Adventures, 519-451-0246 Ext. 609

Tactical Adventure Airsoft Target Competition Hall of Fame

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