E-drum hi-hat pedal causes MIDI disconnect

I have my e-drum brain plugged via USB into my computer where I trigger VSTi’s through Ableton Live. But I’ve noticed that sometimes after I close the hi hat pedal all MIDI signal seems to be lost. This means that if I were recording a MIDI sequence no more notes would be registered on my computer even though I continue to hit the drum pads. It might have something to do with my computer not liking something about the MIDI signal from the drum brain, forcing the MIDI signal to disconnect entirely, because the same module worked fine with my older computer. I have tried a lot on the computer side to solve this problem by trying different ports, reinstalling drivers (generic USB MIDI), etc. What I am not sure about is if the problem is caused by the brain or the pedal or is it just my computer.

My drum brain is the Jammin Pro iRocker, a “budget” module that isn’t a very well known and may be sold under different brands and names. There was a bit of documentation on MIDI but that hasn’t helped much. No driver CDs or download links were included.




For more details: Fintech Explainer Video

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