Christie’s RV and Travel Trailers Services

Summer season is finally near and people cannot wait to take their travel trailers out for their next vacation to enjoy more of their summer by camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, and more! Spring and summer will always be good news for outdoor enthusiasts, campers and travel trailer owners, but is your travel trailer ready for summer?

Thankfully, Christie’s RV will help your travel trailers be ready for the season and the adventure that waits ahead. With the vast services and options that Christie’s RV offers to its customers, trusting them will feel like a naturally safe decision because it is! For the cities near Christie’s RV’s warehouse such as North Bay and Thunder Bay in Ontario, head on to Christie’s RV Service!

RV Service & Maintenance

The employees of Christie’s RV all have the proper licenses and training required to offer warranty services to its customers. Christie’s RV accepts emergency repairs when you find yourself stuck and stranded on the road and they will come to the rescue to get you back on track as soon as possible. To continue improving Christie’s RV’s service, we accept feedback from our technicians and customers to guarantee quality in future services.

RV Financing

Christie’s RV will offer you a number of financial options to make your purchase a valuable experience. With having connections with most banks at our fingertips, we can arrange your financing within a couple of hours, we also have fixed rates, fixed term loans as well as aggressive variable rate loans. Through this, we are able to tailor to fit a loan to your budget that you may amortise loans from 10 up to 20 years.

RV Warranty Protection

With Christie’s RV, you can guarantee the best protection against the cost of your future RV repairs. There are different kinds of terms for both new and used RVs that range from 1 year to 7-year warranty. Some of the plans will include such factors such as food spoilage, lodging, and towing. Christie’s RV is your one-stop shop you can contact even for more options, plans, and benefits available for your RV purchase or leasing. With the warranty protection, you will be able to avoid expensive costs if ever an accident or mishandling happens to your RV.

Here at Christie’s RV, we offer the best deals for your dream travel trailers and we can give you the excellent services we always uphold towards every customer. For the best RV services near Thunder Bay, North Bay, Timmins, and Sudbury, head on over to Christie’s RV! Visit our website

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