Innovation In Aromatherapy & Exotic Aromatic Compounds Encourage The Growth Of Air Care Industry In India: Bonafide Research

Rising standard of living, increasing disposable income, growing awareness regarding the aromatherapy and increasing availability of various fragrance based air care products in the country are boosting up the air care industry in India.

Demand for air care products in India has been increasing due to rise in consumer confidence, result of growing awareness, and strategic marketing efforts by key market players. Air freshener has now become an important product in the home and commercial spaces in India. Aromatherapy is gaining momentum among Indian consumer as a result of a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function. It can be used at any place such as indoor spaces, washrooms, car, etc. The car freshener category is generating maximum revenue for air care market which is available in sprays, block, gel and specialized car freshener liquid along with diffuser, etc. The air freshener sprays are popular urban India, especially as a room freshener. The brands such as Odonil, Ambi Pur, Aer, AirWick, Glade, etc have launched various formats of air freshener products along with new fragrances. Specialized air freshener products these days are used by many people who reside in pollutant cities. However, the penetration is still low in India for air care products which also offer opportunities for manufacturers and marketers to penetrate the air care market in India by introducing innovative and harm-free air care products in the market.

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Air Care Market Outlook 2021”, air care market is growing at a CAGR of 20% over five years. High disposable income and living standard coupled with increasing adoption in commercial and residential spaces driving air freshener market in India. Rapid urbanization and rising number of middle class are other factors that pose the demand growth for air care products in the country owing to consumer fondness are shifting from traditionally offering air fresheners such as incense sticks and dhoops to air freshener sprays. The availability of various formats of air care products along with different floral & fruits fragrances increases the consumption of such products in commercial and residential spaces.

Innovation is an integral part of marketing strategies which helps to manufacturers to sustain their position in the market. Similarly, the product innovation and launch of new range of products proficient for delivering freshness as well as enhanced ability to eliminate foul smell and odour might strengthen the air care market in India. The developments in a range of aromas ensure the demand for various fragranced air fresheners among the consumers. At present, the floral fragrances such as lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, rose, etc are popular in air freshener category, while the people now prefer the fruit based aromas for instance, lemon, apple, orange, etc. These properties serve to enhance consumer preference for such products and offers value for money. Moreover, the growing trend of organic/herbal air care products ensures the new category within the market due to health conscious people show more trust on natural air freshener products with natural fragrances. As a result, the various innovative and specialized air care products have been driving the growth of brands as well as overall market from the recent few years and this will also remain the key factors of the industry growth in near future.

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