Looking for tenants?


Are you looking for a tenant? Advertise rental property at www.ashiro.ca and get inquiry directly from tenants. Daily lots of tenants visit and search on this website. Subscribers (tenants) are notified when you add rental property here. Lots of tenants search on www.ashiro.ca.

Who does not want direct enquiry from tenants. According to Tenants Association organizations in Canada, tenants make decision to rent a place in short time. So, it is absolutely important that tenants quickly find advertiser’s contact on website. Therefore, transparency is maintained between advertiser and tenants at www.ashiro.ca. Advertiser’s contact is displayed on advertised property details and there is no middle person to delay or block direct enquires.

Anytime, advertiser can see the stats of their advertisement, for example, how many time advertisement appeared in public searches, how many decided to look in the details of rental place and did they like or sent any comments to advertiser.

Fermium option is available for advertisers there fore, they can try with one advertisement and later upgrade to business account. There is no wait time and publish advertisement, right away.

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