Prorack Ski Carriers Perfect Solution for Transporting Your Snow Gear

Prorack Ski CarriersProrack is a Company that specializes in the development of Roof Racks and Accessories. Prorack wasn’t always a company that produced Roof Racks and Accessories; when the organization was founded in 1975 it was originally a sports equipment manufacturer. However in 1980, a decision was made to move to producing Roof Racks Online and after several decades of proven quality, it is safe to say that this change was indeed the right move.

Prorack snowboard/ski carrier collection is uniquely diverse and most importantly it gets the job done every time. The different size and types of ski carriers available ensure that whatever your ski carrying needs may be Discount Rhino Roof Racks can meet them.

The Prorack Ski/Snowboard carrier collection is inclusive of:

• The Six Row Ski/Snowboard Holder Kit (PR3066)
• The Four Row Ski/Snowboard Holder Kit (PR3064)
• The Universal Holder for S-Wing (PR3107)

The Six Row Ski/Snowboard Holder Kit (PR3066)

The Six Row Ski/Snowboard Holder Kit (PR3066) is a package of two ski/snowboard holder that is capable of carrying 2/4 snowboards or 3/6 skis. The product is lockable and is a total of 600mm, it is built with a rubber cushion that is designed to protect your snow gear and prevent movement of the gear while the vehicle is in motion.

The Four Row Ski/Snowboard Holder Kit (PR3064)

The Four Row Ski/Snowboard Holder Kit (PR3064) is a combination of two ski/snowboard holders. It is built to carry a maximum of two snowboards or 4 skis, the size of the product is 400mm and the gear is design to be lockable. Like the Six Row Ski/Snowboard Holder Kit (PR3066) it is also designed with a rubber cushion with the goal of protecting your gear and preventing movement.

The Universal Holder for S-Wing (PR3107)

The Universal Holder for S-Wing (PR3107) is uniquely capable of carrying one pair of skis. The purchase comprises of a pair of holders which is design with foam inserts, the size of the Universal Holder for S-Wing (PR3107) allows the device to be extremely portable and easy to handle while using a minimal amount of space. The Prorack Snowboard Carriers product is built with elastic rubber straps, which are design to securely protect your gear.


The Prorack Ski Carriers effectively eliminates the challenge of getting your snow gear to the slope. They provide solutions for a party of one or a small group going on a ski trip. Rola Roof Rack Spare Parts are the difference between completely enjoying your ski trip or half worrying about how wet your vehicle will be after your outing has come to an end.

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