12TH Pass Students Electrical, HVAC, Courses in KERALA from IASE


Especially for the students interested about the electronics and electrical science, the options are brighter. The best news is that you do not even have to go very far. Right here in Kerala you will get all the options for the same.

12TH Pass Training Courses: Call IASE Training Institute for More Details 7025570055

Now is the time when you will be getting the best options for the training courses on CCTV, HVAC, electrical, fire alarm, BMS Technology, Refrigeration & Air conditioning  etc. For that you will be getting the best and the most affordable option at the Institute Of Advanced Studies in Engineering, otherwise called as IASE. IASE offers the best assistance and education for the aforementioned courses.

If you feel interested, you can have a look at their highly esteemed courses that are derived as per your career orientation:

The courses are available for Fiber Optics Technology, CCTV technology, Fire Alarm technology, Refrigeration & AC Mechanism, Instrumentation Technology, HVAC technology, BMS Technology and last but not the least, Electrical technology. For these courses generally, there are two divisions – the first is the two weeks course and the second is the two months or one year course. The courses tenure mainly varies from 100 hours to 500 hours. Through these completely organized courses, the students are trained on the following aspects:

  • Getting a proper understanding of the process of safe working
  • Having a proper idea regarding the requirements that come up at the time of the work
  • Growing the intricate understanding regarding the core process of the topic
  • Offering proper demonstration of the learned subjects and being productive in that case
  • Using a comprehensive approach in working on the chosen subject in the practical world.

The entire course is made in a way that it offers the same benefits that a top class orientation works. The environment and the infrastructure is cutting edge and that is the reason that you will have the best options for sharpening your practical skills on the field you will be working on. Whereas the two weeks’ course is more of a crash course, the six months or one year course offers a proper and clearer view of the core understanding of the subjects.

IASE offers a very affordable fee structure and that too within the limits of the general students

If you make one time full payments then there is flat 10% discount on fees.

The institute is quite serious in bestowing these trainings with the best range of trainers who are experienced having taught for a long time. If the students also take the training seriously, they can surely see the light of a bright career ahead.


Dear All, We are happy to announce that our EX student Mr. Freji P.A. got placement in Shobha Developers (One of largest construction companies in India) as Fire alarm Engineer in the project Lulu Cyber Tower. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Contact Details:

Visit http://www.iase.in/ for more details or just give a missed call at – +91 7025570055.

Short Term Courses:  http://www.iase.in/courses.html

HVAC Training Course http://www.iase.in/courses/details/37/HVAC-Technology.html

CCTV Training http://www.iase.in/courses/details/30/CCTV-Technology.html

Electrical Training http://www.iase.in/courses/details/29/Basics-of-Electrical-and-Electronics-Engineering.html


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