The Best Zoos in Illinois

The state of Illinois is renowned for its cultural attractions and its state-of-the art medical facilities. Visitors seeking the most beneficial services for beasts or humans can locate a zoological garden or an Illinois hospital for their very own unique requirements and interests. The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, founded in 1868, is amongst the oldest zoos in the United states of america and also one of the most up-to-date. Each year the Lincoln Park Zoo receives more than 3,000,000 visitors. The zoo is open 365 days a year, and it offers numerous educational applications also as old-fashioned enjoyment and fun for the entire family. Guests can get up very close towards the animals and gaze eyeball-to-eyeball using a lowland gorilla or an huge brown bear. Lincoln Park Zoo is famous not just for its wide collection of fauna from all over the world, but in addition for its architecture and technical facilities. Visitors of all ages thrill towards the Four-Dimensional Virtual Safari simulator, the LPZoo Express train ride, as well as the Safari Audio Tour. Even though entrance to Lincoln Park Zoo is free of charge, there is a smaller charge for taking in these unique attractions. The zoo also characteristics two excellent gift shops and several restaurant selections, and is conveniently situated near the top rated ten hospitals in Illinois. Get far more details about Illinois Attractions

Just west of Chicago, in Brookfield Illinois, would be the Brookfield Zoo. This zoo, established in 1934, is also open 365 days a year. Its 2000 animals range over 200 acres of land that is landscaped to recreate the organic habitats from the animals. Instead of cages this zoo utilizes moats as well as other natural barriers to maintain the animals separated in the visitors and one another. Brookfield’s comprehensive collection of fauna involves the very first Giant Panda shown in America too as specialty exhibits which include the Baboon Island, Australia Property, Dolphin show, Wolf Woods, Pachyderm Residence, and also the Reptile House. In addition, it contains the world-famous Tropic World which recreates a tropical rain forest full with gaily-colored birds, monkeys, even a thunderstorm simulation. You will discover also a play zoo and petting zoo for young children, where guests can get up close and interact straight with the animals. The Motor Safari tram makes it possible for visitors to take a guided tour on the whole grounds. There are gift shops and several alternatives readily available for dining.

The Cosley Zoo in Wheaton Illinois is located on 5 acres of land and specializes in domestic farm animals and also wildlife native to Illinois. The pleasant grounds feature an location where guests can picnic, at the same time as a present shop and consuming concessions. The Wildlife Prairie State Park also capabilities native Illinois wildlife. Positioned ten miles west of Peoria on Interstate 74, this two thousand acre zoological garden exhibits bison, black bears, cougars, elk, otters, waterfowl, wolves, and numerous other species.

Also in Peoria, situated close to quite a few hospitals in Il, is the Glenn Oak Zoo. This zoological garden features a hundred animal species from about the world. Apart from its collection of fauna the zoo gives sea lion performances and critter chats each day. There’s a good gift shop and restaurant.

Serpent Safari in Gurnee Illinois is definitely an indoor zoo exhibiting uncommon reptiles which involves Child – the largest (403 lb.) snake on the planet. You will find rare albino alligators, Nile crocodiles, anacondas which weigh over 250 lbs., cobras, and several other species. The present shop even sells pets so you can bring a reptile dwelling with you!

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