Short-term Bridge Loan Program for Small Business and Large Scale Businesses

UK top bridge loan lender, Bridge Direct, today announced that they will still offer commercial mortgage bridge loans on both small and large scales. This decision will help many business owners to spread their products and services across the UK.

The success of any business will depend on the efficient and quality services they are offering to their clients. In today’s modern world, launching new products and services require thought, understanding and a lot of marketing, and this requires money. Businesses increasingly fail to launch products or services correctly due to a lack of foresight or funding at the tail end of release. Many businesses have failed to correctly market their products due to development or trial times over running and having their marketing budget reduced as a result. By making use of bridge loans or bridging finance and releasing equity already held, this additional funding can be available.

Bridge loans act as a bridge between their financial requirements and the service they were planning to start. Whilst the interest rates on bridge loans are generally bit higher than when compare a bank loan or mortgage, the instant approval and availability of bridge loans are what makes them extremely appealing and a viable option to fulfill any financial gap, quickly and easily. Bridge Direct offers an instant decision on all bridge loan application requests and tries to provide you the possible financial deal on your loan application.

The team at Bridge Direct are highly experienced and talented, with over 30 years of lending experience. Bridge Direct are lenders, not brokers, therefore you are cutting out the middle man, and they will guarantee an instant decision on your request. Bridge Direct assesses each deal on its own individual merit, accepts 1st and 2nd charges and accepts bad or adverse credit.

You can reach the Bridge Direct for all your bridge loan requirements by calling them on 020 3126 4969

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