Piped Water Scheme Rehabilitation and Solar Energy Installations

Piped Water Scheme Rehabilitation and Solar Energy Installations. Christian Care, the Implementing Partner for the Gwanda District Water and Sanitation Sub Committees (DWSSCs), under the DFID funded Project. Tenderspedia, a leading e-Procurement Service business Tender Notice Portal is the first agency to report this notification.

“Restoring Access to Safe Water and Improving Hygiene Practices In The Most Food Insecure and Drought Affected Districts In Zimbabwe” is inviting bids for expression of interest from interested companies in the field of solar energy to design, rehabilitate two (2) piped water schemes and install solar systems for water pumping.

The Piped Water schemes are:

  1. Enyandeni (Ward 6)
  2. Sengezane (Ward 14)

Interested bidders are requested to submit an expression of interest letter (EOI) and avail a field site visit technical audit person to travel to Gwanda district to view the scope of work to be done on 5th May, 2017 and thereafter submit separate quotations/bid for each site by Friday, 12th May, 2017 by 09:00hrs.

The deadline for submission of the expression of interest is 15:00hrs, Friday, May 2017

For further details, please call on +44-7505 672419 or email at   andy.p@tenderspedia.com or register on the website: http://www.tenderspedia.com

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