Transport Your Snowboard in Style with the Rhino Rack Snowboard Carrier

Rhino Rack Snowboard CarrierRhino Rack is a gear company based in Australia that specialises in roof racks. The company has been in operation for over a decade since its inception in 1992. Rhino Rack is a proven enterprise that supplies equipment such as roof racks, bike carriers, ski carriers and snowboard carrier among a host of other items.

Rhino Rack’s snow collection comprises or gears such as:

• The Rhino-Rack 573 Ski and Snowboard Carrier
• The Rhino-Rack 574 Ski and Snowboard Carrier
• The Rhino-Rack 576 Ski and Snowboard Carrier
• Multi-Purpose Holder (Heavy Duty/Vortex)
• Multi-Purpose Holder (Euro)
• Multi-Purpose Holder (Thule Aero/ Hubco FRS)
• Multi-Purpose Holder (Whispbar)
• Multi-Purpose Holder (Universal Fit)

Rhino Rack’s collection of elegant snowboard carriers provide the opportunity for their customers to travel with their snowboards in ease and comfort.

The Rhino-Rack 573 Ski and Snowboard Carrier

The Rhino-Rack 573 Ski and Snowboard Carriers are designed to securely transport your snowboard to and from its destination with little to no hustle to you. With the Rhino-Rack 573 Ski and Snowboard Carrier you are able to keep the inside of your vehicle dry, even after a snowboarding trip. Your snowboards can be easily strapped onto the roof of your vehicle before and after you have used them, with the simple release mechanism of the Rhino-Rack 573 Ski and Snowboard Carrier and Kayak Carrier, which is designed to hold two snowboards.

The Rhino-Rack 576 Ski and Prorack Snowboard Carriers

The Rhino-Rack 576 Ski and Snowboard Carrier is a slight variation to the 573 and the 574 model, the major difference is the size. Where the first two are design to carry a maximum of two snowboards the 576 model can hold up to four, making it perfect for those small family vacations.

Multi-Purpose Holder (Heavy Duty/Vortex)

This Rhino-Rack Multi-Purpose Holder comprises of a strong nylon material, which promise ease of use and simplicity in installation. As the name suggests this gear is designed to carry snowboards skis and a host of other accessories.

Multi-Purpose Holder (Universal Fit)

The universal attribute about this Rhino-Rack gear is that it is design to fit on almost any roof system. Like the other multipurpose gears in the Rhino-Rack collection, this product is made with strong, glass-reinforced nylon material and is used to carry a variety of equipment’s.


The Whispbar Roof Racks Newcastle collection gives customers three stylish snowboard carrying gears to choose from. The Rhino-Rack snowboard carriers do not only offer style, they also offer size variation to suit your needs, in addition to multipurpose gears that are designed to carry snowboards along with a host of other equipment’s.

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