Pond liner sealer-provides you the best safety

Melina Nelson (Marketing Executive @PondPro2000) said, “If you have a leak in your pond liner, do not be so upset, don’t think that there is no option except removal of a pond and never think to reconstruct it or having new pond liner. You can have better chance to solve your issues in less time, labor and money quick as to blame the liner. It’s important to find a leak as soon as possible with the right location. FIRST check thoroughly then turns off your pump and watches the water level for several days.

After confirming that pond is continuing losing water, then your leak is indeed in the liner. Follow the steps and get rid of leaky liner for the longest time with guaranty. Clean the pond liner after taking it out. Make it dry apply the single coat of Pond liner sealer at the broken or damaged part. Let it dry and it’s done. Now use the Pond liner sealer repair patch. If you turn off the pump and you do not lose any water, it means the leak is in plumbing. ”

Pond liner sealer provides large custom one-coat patch to your liner. It has designed for ease of installation and to control waste seepage through the liner. It keeps water fresh and healthy for fish and plants. It makes liner able to support tons of water. It never loses adhesion under water in any condition.

“Pond liner sealer is an innovation of this century, tough puncture and tear resistant reinforced sealer. Don’t think that one coat means a thinner layer and weaker bonding. It is enough to stop leakage and provides excellent puncture resistance. In durability, it has no match. It performs more than five years.
Exceptional dimensional stability makes it different than other. It has torn resistant with high seam strength. When the water level goes down too quickly, it stops leak occurring in the liner.”

It secures all the sides what are in your fears. In extremely hot, it does not contract and does not freeze in cold. It is nontoxic so keep your water life continue with freshness. It saves your pond from UV rays reaction.

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