Do’s and Don’ts for planning your Kitchen

Kitchen design highlights the cupboards used, and indicates where panels should be used. Always use experienced carpenters or preferably professionals to create your Modular Kitchen in Pune for you. Knowing carpentry and setting up a modular kitchen are two different things. Bella Kitchens always uses experienced, trained professionals for the job.

What are panels? When should panels be used?

  1. Finishing off exposed cabinet ends

Wherever a cabinet has a visible side you will need to purchase an end panel. Choose either a wall end panel or base end panel, depending on the cabinet you are fixing to.

  1. Filling exposed gaps where a cabinet won’t fit

If your plan includes a small gap between your cabinets and a wall and a full Kitchen Cabinet Supplier in Pune won’t fit then you will need to use a matching end panel (base or wall) cut to the required width. Fix the panel to the wall and cabinet using screw ? on “L” brackets.

  1. Creating cavities

Cavities are needed to ‘house’ your fridge and/or dish washer, otherwise you will see the exposed ‘white’ ends of the cabinets. For the dishwasher cavity, secure two base end panels to either side of the cabinets, leaving at least a 600mm space. To house the fridge use the pantry end panels. In most cases, a 900mm wide opening will be sufficient, enabling you to include a fridge wall cabinet in your design.

Tip: Save money by cutting a base end panel into two pieces using half on each side. Remember with the Dish washer in Pune  in place, you will only see the front of the panel.


  • For ease of plumbing, place a dishwasher near the sink and allow a minimum 600mm space to ‘house’ it.
  • Mow a minimum 450mm either side of the cooktop for safety and extra working space.
  • Leave space between a cabinet and your wall so doors can be fully opened and the cabinet easily accessed.
  • Mow a minimum 1.2m between opposite cabinets for manoeuvrability.
  • Allow a minimum 650mm between your cooktop and rangehood.


  • Don’t place tall tapware in front of an opening window.
  • Don’t place drawers in a corner where they can block other cabinets.
  • Don’t place a cooktop next to a wall where it can cause overheating. Allow a minimum 450mm on
  • Don’t install a full set of drawers next to a cooktop This can provide easy access to a hot cooking area for young children.
  • Don’t place your dishwasher or stove in a corner where it can block other cabinets.
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