Wreckers in Perth Get you more benefits to sell your scrap cars

You will often see broken or damaged car lying around in your backyard or in your garage, thus cause chaos, pollution and clutter. Leaving abandoned and broken vehicles on the streets many cause pollution through collection of dust and rust. Keeping in mind the consequences it may have on the environment, we decided to recycle scrap cars by buying it from car owners at a certain price. This is what car wrecker companies do.

Let us introduce the concept of car wrecking service in Australia. A car wrecker agent basically visits various car sellers and evaluates their broken vehicles. They are skilled and experienced enough to assess the value of the broken car and provide you with an estimate at which the car could be bought from the concerned seller. If you agree to the price, then there is a deal between the two parties. The car is sold off to the car wrecker company and the car wreckers pay them instant cold cash right on spot after the deal is made. No tricks! No gimmicks!! Finally the car is recycled in the scrap yard.

Car Removal Services – It is supposed to be free of cost!

Once you decide to sell your car to Auto Wreckers Perth, you will have to bring it down to our scrap yard. For that you have to hire a tow trucker company for which you have to pay extra cash. If not then, we will send you a tow truck that is big enough to carry the load from your garage to our scrap yard, no matter how big the vehicle or how heavy it is. We will also do all this for free.

Cash for car Services @ Auto Wreckers Perth – We pay the highest possible amount

Basically they would pay you up to $12,000 for each car you bring in to the junkyard. This is probably the maximum amount of cash that we at ‘Auto Wreckers Perth’ are providing to our customers. Basic features for car wrecker include the following – free pick up, top cash payment, same day delivery, free car removal service and highest cash amount for any broken or damaged car. We deal with all kinds of vehicles and brands including Jeeps, 4x4s, trucks, vans, Cherokees and SUVs as well. We also deal with various brands including Toyota, Nissan, Corolla, Isuzu, Maxima, Kia and BMW.

We also work with different car brands from various other makes, models and manufacturers including American, European, Korean, Japanese, and Holden cars.


Auto Wreckers Perth – Our operational centers

We operate in various towns and cities of Perth, Western Australia. Some of these towns include Rockingham, Armandale, Belmont, Cockburn, Joondalup, Maddington, Kwinana, and Mandurah. We are one of the largest car wrecker companies located in Perth. All the other car wrecker companies will probably not be able to provide you with the cash amount we can provide you with.

Cash for car wreckers Perth WA

Perth Cash For car recycling

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