Khojdeal Launches Early Version of its Product and Deal Discovery Platform


New Delhi, India- 02-20-2017- Online Product and Deal Discovery Company invites shoppers to get a feel of its new platform.

With over 300 million internet users according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), India ranks among the fastest growing online markets. Surprisingly, the numbers released in the IAMAI-IMRB Digital Commerce report 2015 indicate there is still a lot of untapped potential in the industry as most online stores are not adding value to the user experience.

The e-retail market for instance has grown by 57% since 2014 with big online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart dominating. However, it is the entry of Khojdeal a local startup that has caught the attention of the industry. The Product and Deal Discovery platform has upped the game by not only providing a one-stop-shop for users looking for cheap deals but also giving a cashback incentive for completed purchases.

The idea of the comprehensive product and deal discovery platform was borne out of the desire to make it more convenient and affordable to use online stores by the founder Vaibhav Lall. The entrepreneur had earlier faced setbacks trying to get a footing in the Indian market but after extensive consultation the idea of Khojdeal morphed into a real business venture.

Speaking when launching version 1 of Khojdeal Vaibhav was emphatic about this milestone,

“When is started consulting about this idea I was skeptical having burnt my fingers in an earlier online startup. However, talking to most shoppers confirmed my view that they were not able to fully leverage the online market advantage because they had a hard time finding  all the good deals on one platform,” he said.

“The idea of an affiliate program as an integral part of our product and deal discovery platform has come after a lot of research and we are not even done fully refining this product.. Our mission is to make it easier for shoppers to link with their favorite stores, learn about new deals and earn money from us for using our platform,” the CEO added.

Before launching the Khojdeal product & deal discovery platform, Vaibhav Lall and his team carried out extensive research in order to create a platform that dovetailed with the needs of the online shopper. The team invested in the best web design services to ensure a great user experience and also facilitate a responsive web experience on any internet device.

According to the team at Khojdeal Version 1 of the platform is not really implementation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) because a lot of work has already gone into making the platform as complete as possible. Instead the company says it is providing an opportunity to shoppers who want to discover the best deals from their favorite brands without much hassle.

At the same time the exciting cashback program is already in place to reward shoppers for using the platform. The company expects that the feedback from early adopters will help greatly in tweaking any areas that fall short of expectations.Visit

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