Instant Decision on all Your Bridge Loans Requests

UK top Bad Credit Specialists, Bridge Direct will offer an instant decision on all types of Bridge loan applications, and are looking to provide bridge loans to anyone who is looking for an instant finance.

The team at Bridge Direct are lenders, and not brokers, meaning when you speak with Bridge Direct, you are talking directly to the decision maker. This means they can give you an immediate decision on your bridging loan request, and with direct access to over £12 million in funds, this means they can cater for both small and large bridge loan applications.

The Bridge Direct team has over 30 years of lending experience and they have instant access to over £12 million lending capital. Bridge Direct will give you an instant decision on your Bridge Loan application, as you are speaking directly with decision maker and not middle men. The majority of Bridge Directs business is repeat business from borrowers who trust us to complete their residential and commercial financial requirements.

Below are just a few advantages you can expect, when planning to take a Bridge loan from Bridge Direct:

  • No upfront fees
  • Instant Decisions with no credit search required
  • No Set Criteria
  • No proof of income required
  • No middlemen – direct access to funds
  • Loans from £30K to 500K
  • Each deal assessed on its individual merits

So, if you are looking for instant finance to complete your residential or commercial financial requirements, then approach Bridge Direct for any kind of Bridge loans application.

You can reach them for bridging finance by calling 020 3126 4969. No matter your current financial situation, Bridge Direct may be able to find a deal for you to complete your financial bridge loan requirements.

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