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India Fragrance Market Outlook, 2022′ gives a comprehensive analysis of the fragrance industry in India. Fragrances are the unique combinations of natural and synthetic substances that are added in different products to give them distinctive scents. Perfumers keep on working on new fragrances using various fragrance ingredients and combine them in a unique way to produce fragrance products which can be used for different purposes. Fragrances industry majorly includes two categories viz. deodorant and perfumes which are then categorized into several sub-forms. Deodorants in India are available in aerosol/spray form as well as in roll-ons and sticks whereas perfumes are available in the form of eau de toilette, eau de cologne, eau fraiche and eau de perfume. The fragrance industry is set to witness an increase in the demand for high-end sophisticated fragrances as consumers are altering their lifestyle and adapting the luxurious fragrances in their daily personal grooming regime.

India Fragrance Market is dominated by deodorants whereas perfumes are also picking up pace with the onset of lifestyle changes. Deodorants kill the bacteria that causes odor when there is perspiration. As it is a more natural process to allow bodies to sweat, it makes more sense for consumers to use deodorants. Aluminium-free underarm deodorants play a vital role in keeping the body clean and fresh. For the present generation, it is impossible to imagine life without deodorants. Different types of deodorants are available in the market from which one needs to select that meets their requirements. India deodorant market is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 15% over next five years out of which the aerosol/spray form of deodorant is expected to continue its dominance over 2017-2022.

According to “India Fragrance Market Outlook, 2022′, the demand for fragrance products has been driven by rising disposable income, the importance of personal grooming, emergence of working women in India and the hot, humid and tropical climate conditions of India. Rising demand for perfumes from working professionals is one of the major growth drivers for perfume industry as professionals want to smell good everyday from the moment they enter into the office till their exit. The mindset that men and women feel confident by using fragrance products has been one of the key points for the companies to look into this segment and tap the market as much as possible.

Key Category
• Deodorant
• Perfume

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