The impact of new technologies on the patient relationship

Every year, at the many dental events that take place in India or abroad, you discover the latest technologies. It is not uncommon for you to be seduced by one of these new inventions. But what is your choice? Moreover, it is true that the acquisition of new technologies can be at the origin of development opportunities. Nevertheless, it must not be the pretext behind which to hide ourselves in order to prevent us from entering into relation with the patient.

The patient

The dental world is constantly evolving. Every year, manufacturers present new technologies (equipment, products, materials, services, etc.). Some of them will save you time, increase the level of your practice, be more efficient and offer Better care to your patients.

Advanced technology will never replace the connection between 2 people

A patient will appreciate a personalized, privileged and trusting relationship is established between him, his practitioner and his team. He needs to feel unique and not like a number in a waiting room. For example, at the first appointment of a new patient, look for him in the waiting room, shake his hand and take the time to discuss with him before the care is vital to create a real person-to-person relationship.

Hygeia team emphasizes that “Knowing and analyzing with him, his dental history is another way to create trust. The first impression is one of the determining factors for the patient to feel confident enough and to encourage him to come back to perform the treatment in the office.”

These tips may seem obvious to you in hindsight! But let’s be honest. It is true that sometimes during a busy day we do not take the time to establish real relationships as we would like to do.

Simple solutions exist to create a strong and personalized relationship with every one of your patients. One of them is to note in the patient record both the clinical information, but also the relational information (recreation, names of children, trips, etc.) that you have about it. It is not a matter of entering into the details of the privacy of your patients, but rather of gathering as much information as possible for future visits.

Patients will rate your practice according to 4 criteria:

  • The level of service
  • Communication
  • Relational effectiveness
  • Care

These criteria are common to all patients, despite the volume of patients in each practice. It’s up to you to quickly develop strong relationships with your new or existing patients. Regarding the use of technology, several elements must be taken into account in order to avoid a negative interpretation on the part of the patient. First, before using any new technology, be sure to explain the benefits to the patient for himself/herself.

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