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Some days back, I went on a trip; away from the hustle-bustle of the rushing city. I packed my bag and hastened for the voyage; without planning anything particular in advance. I knew that if I have mobile, I have everything handy. We live in the modern times where mobile phone apps are no more a superfluous luxury. In this developed world, mobile apps have an impact on our daily lives, and it’s difficult to remember what experiences we earlier had without the world that exists now in our pocket.

App developers are on a mission to produce something that people will find helpful every day. But still, choosing the appropriate app can be just as perplexing as deciding where to stay and how to get there.

I scrolled through a dozen of the latest travel apps to settle on which tools are the most functional for getting around, discovering friends, and saving money on the trip. I noticed that there were many apps, and fortunately, all apps were free and available for Android and iTunes. I luckily stumbled upon a weather forecast app named WeatherBug. I happened to download it, and I swear it was the best application of weather report I have ever downloaded. I want to share some of its best features here.

WeatherBug app

Main characteristics of WeatherBug App:

Fastest weather app:

WeatherBug is powered by the world’s largest professional network of weather stations, offering the fastest weather alerts, exact hourly & 10-day forecasts, real-time weather conditions, 18 weather maps along with Doppler radar for weather report, satellite, spark lightning alerts, rainfall, local pressure & temperature, wind breeze, heat, humidity, pollen, UV, and the information related to our lifestyle.

Worldwide Forecasts:

If you are preparing for a trip abroad, you now don’t need to worry about the sudden weather changes, for WeatherBug providesweather forecasts for over 2.6 million international locations.

WeatherBug Home Connect:

If you are stressed by the sky-high utility bills, connect your smart thermostat to WeatherBug’s award-winning tool to get improved energy efficiency of your home, lower the huge utility bills, and keep a check on your energy usage.

Customized weather app:

Now you can get the customized weather data to fit your personal preferences and needs, and get rid of the boring and repeated themes as this app has the feature to rearrange weather tiles to your liking.

Photos and live video cameras:

WeatherBug App is free for Android download and iTunes download. It is an inclusive and comprehensive app with easy-to-use slide-side navigation. Furthermore, with the real-time updates and various interactive maps for discovering the location, it also has photos and live video cameras from specific locations.

Updates in multiple languages:

It is indeed a good news for the travelers as this app provides real-time weather with multiple language support for temperature and wind units. Add the weather widget for information right on your home screen to make it accessible.

With WeatherBug providing local weather, Doppler radar, maps, and alerts is definitely the way to go and live peacefully in the world full of complexities. You have at least no worries about the changing weather conditions with WeatherBug App.

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