Ferrari Dental Clinic helps you fight Gingival Smile

An uneven gum line and too large gums around the teeth can make your smile look unappealing and, in some cases, may affect your overall oral health. When the crowns of the teeth are covered by an excess of gum tissue, the teeth appear too small and may even develop cavities below the gum line that are difficult to treat without exposing the crown further.
The Ferrari Dental Clinic, a family dentistry is an expert on reshaping gum lines around the teeth and, if necessary, can lengthen the amount of exposed crown of teeth to beautify your smile or improve your oral health.
• Minimally Invasive Procedures
• Cosmetic Gum Treatment
Our dental laser gently sculpts gums and other soft tissues.

For most crown lengthening and gum reorganization procedures, the doctor uses a dental laser or a radio surgery device to sculpt the gum tissue.
• The doctor can lengthen the crowns of your teeth and sculpt your gums to correct the following problems of oral health or oral cosmetics:
• The “gingival smile” caused by gums that cover the teeth too much and that make the teeth look short
• An uneven gum line
• The crown of a tooth that is too short to place a dental restoration
• A tooth that never left the gums or did not descend to its proper place in the dental arch. This causes a missing tooth in the dental arch adversely affecting the bite.
Correct the gingival smile
People whose teeth look too short or whose gums look too big when they smile suffer from what is commonly called a gingival smile. The gingival smile can be both an aesthetic problem and a health problem, since the teeth covered by too much gingival are more difficult to clean and to treat if they fracture or develop cavities
To correct a gingival smile, the doctor gently removes excess bone and gum covering the teeth. This will expose the full crown of the teeth and the teeth will look normal size. Then the doctor re-sculpts the gum line to its correct height, width and shape around each tooth. Once completed this process, the smile will look totally natural and attractive.
Tooth Exposure for Orthodontics
Sometimes, teeth such as canines cannot come out (exposed above the gum) or do not descend correctly to their natural position in the dental arch. The orthodontist will have to expose the crown of these teeth to be able to correct the position of the teeth with orthodontic treatment.
About the Company:
The Ferrari Dental Clinic is a team of professional dentists in Montville offering a wide range of oral care services like cosmetic, teeth whitening, implants and others.

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