Buy Feature-rich Wire Rope Grips from Bishop Lifting Services

Bishop Lifting Services is a perfect place to buy an incredible quality range of wire rope grips at the best prices with great holding capacity, durability and extensive product types available to choose from.

Bishop Lifting Services, an acclaimed lifting equipment supplier in the UK, has been leading the market since past 33 years. It is a one stop solution to get rich quality of lifting devices, wire rope grips being one of them. The rope grip is a useful device for end-to-end connections and in the cases where a temporary bond is needed. Also known as bulldog grips, the wire rope grips are of major use in the cases where splicing is not allowed. In different scenarios, one, two, three and even multiple grips can be used.

At Bishop Lifting Services, we embed each of the required specifications needed for a clean and safe fitting. Each of our product range is fully compliant with the relevant industry standards and our team follows preset LOLER inspections to assure safe results. We only keep the products from the trusted brands like Yale.

Eminent Features of Wire Rope Grips from Bishop

  1. The wire rope grips that we deliver open and release swiftly and allow fast insertion and removal of wire.
  2. A great holding capacity up to 20,000 lbs.
  3. A versatile assortment of product versions exists with different wire sizes and types.
  4. Broad handle eye opening that can be easily affixed to tackle blocks and best fit in standard hooks.
  5. Standard jaw models in stock to serve different needs.
  6. A yellow chromate finish to protect corrosion and rust.
  7. A rugged and compact design.
  8. Durable and lightweight forged steel construction.
  9. Stainless steel and galvanized wire ropes with different strands are supplied to meet the needs of number of industries.

We make sure to choose the correct clamp size that best match with a stainless steel wire rope. The rope grips available at Bishop are perfect for steel rope instead of a plastic coated wire rope. If you are looking for quality wire rope grips for your lifting needs, visit our website and browse the most suited item from countless available options.

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