How to setup samsung printer wireless on mac

Setting up Samsung Printer Wirelessly on Mac through Reliable Samsung Printer Customer Service Professionals !!

Setting up Samsung printer is not only challenging for the newbies but it seems to be impossible for them. However in real, it is just an easy job as you only need to follow the steps in a proper manner. If you are not aware of the proper steps to set up Samsung Wireless printer on Mac, then perform the following important steps:-

First set up the printer hardware as per the start guide

Now insert CD-ROM which have been supplied to you

Next open a Window go to /MAC_Installer/MAC_Printer/WirelessSetting directory/folder

Now launch the application named Wireless Setting and follow the steps

When you locate the window which have wireless network lists, then you are supposed to wait for a few minutes

once you see your network, then continue with the steps and then you will be able to configure wireless network on the printer

Next open the system prefs without installing the printer driver of Samsung

Now your Mac will easily locate the printer through the Bonjour service and you need to simply click on Add

Now you have easily configured the Samsung Printer Wirelessly on MAC through the steps mentioned above. The above steps are really helpful for setting up your Samsung printer wirelessly. However in case you can’t help yourself following these steps, then all you can do is to connect to the Samsung printer customer service staff through which you can remove these issues as early as possible. Hence if you are among the ones who are looking for setting up your Samsung printer wirelessly on Mac, then call Samsung printer tech support professionals straightaway.

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