Boron carbide blast nozzles

Blast Nozzle is made of Boron carbide, Tungsten Carbide or Silicon Carbide. But the most long life is made by B4C. SOMAX B4C blast Nozzle is made of Boron Carbide, the molecular formula B4C, is one of the hardest man-made abrasive, hardness second only to diamond, Mohs hardness of 9.36, micro hardness of 5400-6300kg / mm 2, specific gravity of 2.52, melting point of 2450 degrees Celsius, Strong acid and alkali are not chemical reaction. Grinding efficiency is extremely high, non-magnetic, is the ideal alternative to diamond material.

High purity boron carbide products are currently a variety of excellent properties of inorganic non-metallic materials, according to their different uses are divided into grinding grade, nuclear grade, precision engineering ceramic grade, chemical grade, fire-resistant series. With a stable chemical properties, light weight, high hardness, semiconductor and other superior features. Grinding efficiency is high, non-magnetic, is the ideal alternative to diamond materials, the current use of its performance in the following aspects:

1. As abrasive for a variety of hard metal, corundum or glass grinding, polishing, drilling and so on;
2. As the sintered body for the manufacture of boron carbide nozzles, correction tools, grinding discs, bearing support surface, military aircraft support frame, equipment, fuel tank armor protection board and body armor manufacturing;
3. In the nuclear industry, the B10 isotope has a high neutron absorption cross section and a high boron content (boron in the boron content of the theoretical value of 77.28%), and the melting point of about 2450 degrees Celsius, boron carbide as a neutron absorber application Especially suitable.
4. Used as other boron compound raw materials for the manufacture of other borides such as boron halide, boron nitride, metal borides, elemental boron, hydrogen boride and the like;
5. As a source of energy, boron carbide is also a high-energy compound in addition to hydrogen and boron. For this reason, recent studies have shown that boron carbide materials can also be used for high temperature hotspot conversations where they can be used in powder state solid fuels The These are just a few of the many applications, and more applications of boron carbide have yet to be studied and developed.