Car Wax – Your Car’s Sunblock

Can you imagine not applying sunscreen to your skin for the entire summer? No, right? Our cars also need protection from the harsh sunlight and environmental dangers. Car waxing acts as a sunscreen to the vehicles. Lately, car wax formulations have improved a lot in the recent years. Read on to get acquainted with the many other benefits of car waxing:

The Benefits of Car Waxing
It is not just a matter of pride; getting your car waxed is purely necessary to keep the automobile looking brand new, fresh and shiny. Wondering how many times you should get your car waxed in a year? Well, the answer is every car owner must get his/her car waxed 2-3 times a year. There are valid reasons for waxing your car. Take a look at a few:

Shield The Car Against Scratches – If you are a car owner or have leased your vehicle, you must be knowledgeable enough to deal with all types of car wear and tear, from scratches to dents and dings. Car waxing service doesn’t completely avert the damage; however, it will definitely work better than maximum primers and paints. A wax layering will seal in the paint and provide a protective shield against bird doo, exhaust, UV light, sand and grit.

Protect The Car Paint – If an unwaxed vehicle is washed, the gravel and dirt easily gets scrapes against the paint and damages the surface. Car wax is considered to be a protective fence between the paint and the external world. Moreover, a waxed car is much easier to clean.

Regular Car Washing is No More a Necessity – If your car is waxed, grime and grit won’t get stuck to the surface of the car, unlike a non-waxed car. Hence, your vehicle will remain visually cleaner for a longer time.

UV Protection & Shine – Car wax gives UV protection to your paint by delaying the phenomenon of peeling and discolouration of the paint. Most importantly, the wax is a much-needed layer of make-up for your car. If you want a shiny and glowing look for your automobile, a wax is a seal to be used.
Enough with the benefits! Let’s learn how to wax a vehicle now.

Waxing Your Automobile
As discussed, regular car waxing will enhance your automobile’s appearance and lengthen the life span of its surface paint. Closely consider the steps listed below and learn how to wax your vehicle properly by hand. Guess what, you’re free to select the wax of your choice!

• First, apply the wax on the car. Make sure this is done only in the shade.
• Ensure the vehicle is completely dry when you apply the wax.
• Never use a thick layer of wax if you want to see shine and depth on your car’s surface.
• Apply the wax only in a straight line motion.
• Now, let the wax dry.
• Use the best quality buffing towel for buffing the wax.
• In case, you want another layer of a sealer or wax, then leave the first application to dry and cure for approximately 12 hours.

Now that you know the method of waxing your car, protecting your car paint will be easy. So what are you waiting for? Treat that baby of yours with wax to give it a pristine look.\



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