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Miami girl makes comparison between the popular UBER ride and the innovative UBRA boats after the first date

It was a perfect date for a young girl when her boyfriend decided to take her on a romantic boat ride from Miami marina. The exciting boat cruise featured wine, cheese and a beautiful sunset around Star Island. This was unlike any other date, as the UBRA ride came as a lifesaver after another fishing carter unexpectedly canceled on the couple.

The time was perfect and the ride even more rewarding. Likened to Uber for boats, the ride came with even more fun and exciting experiences, adequately fueled and with free ice. The romantic ride can be even be compared to the Crown Victoria Uber car service. U.B.R.A. wins hands-down.

UBRA boats have been largely described as the UBER for boats, particularly due to the mobile app and ease of getting boat rides. However, the service comes with even more exciting and fun activities like sightseeing and fishing, unlike the popular UBER rides.

United Boat Riders Association otherwise known as UBRA offers On Demand boats available in as little as ninety minutes. With the UBRA you can go boating today or reserve for tomorrow. All UBRA boats come with professional captain/skippers on hand to make a date a memorable one. Couples can also reserve boats for a later ride using the app, and with budget boats on offer, luxury romantic dates can be planned without having to break the bank.

UBRA’s free mobile app allows for convenient and prompt booking and reservation of boats. The app features filters such as On Demand or Reserve, Power or Sail, Number of riders, and Activity, treating lovers of boats to the best of sailing experience.

UBRA’s mission is to aggregate the worlds fishing, recreational and charter Captains/Skippers onto the United Boat Riders Association’s worldwide payment and communications platform and one can rightly say it is close to achieving this goal with over a thousand (1000) experienced and well-trained skippers and currently ranked as the world’s largest water club.

About UBRA Boats

United Boat Riders Association also known as UBRA is a members only water club headquartered in Miami, USA. The club is dedicated to providing fun and exciting boat rides and activities to boat lovers in a safe and secure environment.

The association arranges boat rides for members and ensures a safe payment and communication system for a pleasurable and memorable boat ride.

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