Experience at-home car test drive service with Motor Uncle

For all those helpless dreamy-eyed car buyers out there who don’t possess any idea about making a car purchase, Motor Uncle is emerging as the definite guide when it comes to making the car buying process an easy-breezy drive. The fact of not being loyal to any particular car brand provides the company with the prerogative of being objective with the information, thereby offering you completely genuine information without taking any sides!

Motor Uncle was started with an initiative to reach to every single alley of India to help both young and adult car buyers to make a judicious decision. As it turned out with time, the auto web portal has become an organized car info portal providing numerous specifications regarding individual car models be it comfort, speed, price, mileage, energy efficiency, AC performance, or pick up. Apart from being a one-stop shop to compare new car prices, the portal also comes handy in case you are too lazy to visit a showroom and arrange for a test drive.

Booking a car test drive with Moto Uncle involves following few simple steps: Register, choose your car model, enter your personal details such as contact number and address, and that’s it! Their nimble auto experts will swiftly arrange a car test drive in a location nearest to you on a date and time you find most suitable as per your schedule.

About Motor Uncle

Motor Uncle is a trusted car test driving service provider offering the opportunity to freely test drive both new and used cars to its customers. The auto web portal offers definitive solutions to compare the qualities of various cars on a dozen of parameters from pricing to mileage to after sales value and more. The previous guidance of experienced auto experts and actual users’ ratings available on the platform simplify your car purchase process by making it narrow and clear. The service complaints car section provides you freedom to share your after sales queries and take the helpful advice from the car veterans to extend the life of your vehicle. The company is making a harmonious auto community where the past, present and future car buyers can share their ideas and doubts regarding car buying process.

Book an online test drive with Motor Uncle today to take master guidance and choose your dream car! Find the contact details below:


Motor Uncle

Address: D-1/25, Ground Floor, Vasant Vihar Near Kenya High Commission New Delhi-110057

Phone Number: +91-9810552425

Website: https://motoruncle.com