Enjoy a New Dimension of Compelling App Development with Lottie

Rendering high volume images and graphics in the native app has now become easier with the help of Lottie. It is a native library for iOS, Android and Reacts. Adding high-quality animation becomes easier with Lottie. Ditching quality animation and images is not needed anymore, as they are now easy to add in the app. Now, you have an easy way. Opt for Lottie and forget about all your worries regarding app development. Giving your business a new dimension and reaching for the new heights can now become easier for you with the help of Lottie.

Why Lottie?

The popularity of Lottie is increasing amongst Calgary iPhone developers. It is sure because of the edge and functionality that it brings with it in app development. Lottie is extremely flexible with after effect features. It supports solids, shape layers, masks, alpha mattes and so on. This lets you program your animation exactly the way you like. You can move it forward, backward or do anything. Everything depends on the interaction. This is how the app will respond. If you are worried about large file size, then forget about it. Multiple dimension files, large animations can be seamlessly rendered by Lottie. Needless to say, it is really popular amongst the Calgary android developers too for its functionality and usability. When it becomes tricky to develop an app that can be compelling and attractive with rich animation and images, Lottie offers the ease of rendering and desired customization.

About Mediumrare/Lottie

Medium rare is a small Calgary-based team of designers and developers, who are creating much impact in the world of app marketing with their use of latest technology and insight in the market. From developing compelling apps to attracting more customers to your business, they take care of all these needs. So, if you are thinking of getting more traffic and more leads, come to Mediumrare. Their expert team is here to help you.

Contact Information:

Company Name:  Mediumrare

Contact Person: Bryan Maniotakis

Address: #600 630 8th Ave SW

City: Calgary

State: Alberta

Zipcode: T2P1G6

Country: Canada

Email: admin@mediumrare.co

Website: http://mediumrare.co/

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