Business Cards – A Small Outline to Who You Are

Your Card, Your Story

The world and its ways have become digital – from sending to receiving emails and from signing deals to attending meetings with overseas clients. Business cards, although sound old school, but the digital changes won’t be able to fully swap them in the near future. Business cards have always proved to be a superb marketing tool.
3.5 x 2 inches of a business card creates the first impression of you and your work. It is a strong means to connect and build identification. Certainly, an exclusively designed business card makes you stand out from the crowd and portrays the value system of your organisation.

Design & Style for Your Business Card

Check out some attention-grabbing designs and styles that you may consider before placing an order for your next set of business card printing:

• Professional & clean cards never go out of style. Remember, simplicity is the grandeur of expression. A simple font, clean back with a splash effect on the logo will always remain a hit.

• When transparency mingles with colours, a creative creation takes place. A transparent paper when harmonised with various colour codes, forms a stimulating overlap effect and when separate, light illuminates through to make known whatever is beneath.

• Try to discover some unusual designs and flairs by creating visual elements.

• Go for different and sophisticated shapes and sizes. Rather than sticking to the old rectangular shape, try square or may be a circle. A change in shape of your business card will surely set you apart from the other hundreds and thousands of cards.

• Give your business card a personal and distinctive touch. Use a rubber stamp to position the logo of your company by yourself. This will help you create an emotional bond. It will also give you the realisation of how important and significant your business investment is.

Some of the Most Creative Business Cards Ever Made

Your business card may be a minor but a significant introduction to you and your business. But just like curriculum vitae and cover letters, a business card also gets mixed up in a pile of paper.

So here, we have compiled 3 of the most creative and innovative designs for business cards. Take a look:

1. Daniel Ballou’s business cards were carved like coins. Ballou commented that his business card had got very positive reactions. Such a unique idea of coin business cards has become memorable and got his organisation incredible success.

2. Matteo Neri is an Italian artist. He designed his business card in a way that it bears a resemblance to chewing gum. The card got him various reactions and of course, new clients. A matt lamination and hot silver foil stamp were used to create the card.

3. Denise Demarchis, the founder of Matilda Jane Clothing, craved for a business card that could have the right interpretation of her unique clothing store. She wanted a card with an exclusive feel that could not be folded up and put in the pockets. So, she decorated the card with hand stitching to epitomise her vintage, sophisticated and cheeky girls’ clothing store.

Many times, business cards have been contrasted with posters to decide which one would get more business and clients. To be true, both business cards and posters are an imperative part of the advertising culture and are wonderful for marketing your business. However, when it comes to choosing one resolve out of the two, one must consider their characteristics and decide on the one that is appropriate for the kind of business they’re in.

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