How to get help for Gmail password recovery

When I forgot my gmail password last week, I could not access my gmail account right at the moment when I needed it the most. I had to access a few of my clients’ emails that were highly important for me and I could not get it from anywhere else. I contacted gmail tech support by using the official gmail helpline number to get the right resolution for the professionals. They told me that I could recover my password by using the official gmail password recovery protocol that is offered by gmail tech support. So, I did the same as per their suggestions.

I discovered that gmail password recovery protocol as part of gmail tech support is an absolutely easy to use protocol that anybody can use whenever there are gmail password forgotten issues, just like I had in my case. Below are the steps for the gmail password recovery protocol:

  1. Go to the official Google Account Recovery page. (Also, you can go to official gmail sign in page and click the Need help? link that remains below the gmail login text box).
  2. Click the I don’t know my password radio button in order to display the Email address text box under the Having trouble signing in? category.
  3. Enter the email address of the account for which you want to recover the password in the Email address text box.
  4. Click the Continue button in order to continue with the process.
  5. Enter the last password you remember in the Enter your last known password text box.
  6. Select the desired recovery option. (You can choose to receive password recovery details in the form of a text message via a mobile contact number or in the form of an email via an alternate email address. Or you can also choose to answer a security question).
  7. Enter the verification code received (if you chose to receive it via a mobile phone number) or click the received email in the alternate email account (if you chose to receive it via an alternate email address).
  8. Enter the new password.
  9. Reenter the new password for confirming the same.

This way, I was able to reset my password successfully by using the Gmail technical support protocol provided by gmail tech support. And I hope that you can also do the same whenever you are required to do so.

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