The 10XCrowdfunding System Has Been Improved and Is Now Better Than Ever At Helping Crowdfunders

San Francisco, CA – May 12, 2017 — Milton Cregg, the founder of the 10XCrowdfunding system, is pleased to announce that his program has recently been upgraded and improved – and, as a result, is more effective than ever.

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As a company spokesperson noted, Cregg’s program on can now help crowdfunders get even more exposure on Indiegogo.

“The program is designed to boost a crowdfunding project to the top pages of Indiegogo and get more exposure amongst crowdfunders,” the spokesperson said, adding that thanks to the recent improvements, the system can help people get more attention across social media and crowdfunding communities.

The news that Cregg has updated and improved his 10XCrowdfunding system will not surprise the many satisfied crowdfunders who have worked with him over the years. Since Cregg first launched his proven and revolutionary system, he has helped thousands of crowdfunders raise even more needed money on Indiegogo.

Cregg understands that while many crowdfunders have great ideas for new products and other ideas, it can be challenging for them to get enough attention for their campaigns to succeed. This knowledge, along with his own experiences using crowdfunding campaigns, inspired Cregg to research and test a system that can help people with great ideas and products get the money they need to bring their projects to fruition.

“For Milton’s very first Indiegogo project he set a modest goal of $20,000 and set the campaign duration for exactly 45 days. Within the first 3 weeks Milton was able to get the project boosted to the top pages, featured in the newsletter, and the trending sections of Indiegogo,” the spokesperson noted, adding that by the end of the fourth week, Cregg’s project was overfunded.

“Now, after 18 months of development and recent major re-development and upgrades, it is now available to the public for a limited time,” the spokesperson noted.

About 10XCrowdfunding:

Since 2009, Milton’s Proven 10 Day Crowdfunding Boost has helped thousands of crowdfunders get funded on Indiegogo. This proven system, also known as the 10X Crowdfunding SystemTM, is the same method used by Milton to raise over $1.3 million by crowdfunding on Indiegogo. For more information, please visit


Martin Russel

SOURCE: 10XCrowdfunding

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