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Darkmoon Faire returns again through May 14, and at the same time there is a new Darkmoon Faire Minigame “Blight Boar” appearing in WOW Patch 7.2.5. We can learn some information about this new minigame and also get WOW Gold cheap on Safewow.

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The rewards from WOW Darkmoon Faire

Besides the reputation buffs “Darkmoon Top Hat and WHEE!”, there are also some mounts, pets, toys and transmog which you can only obtain in the Darkmoon Faire. On the other hand, if you want to boost your professions, it’s a good way to join in the Darkmoon Faire. And it’s particularly important for you to pay much attention to Inky Black Potion which was newly added in the WOW Darkmoon Faire in Patch 7.2. This fun potion can create a nighttime effect and is sold by Rona Greenteeth.

The new Darkmoon Faire minigame – WOW Blight Boar in Patch 7.2.5

It’s supposed that The new minigame WOW Blight Boar will happen in the mysterious camp which was added in April 2017. You may get a high Fan Score with Casual Fan, Serious Fan, Hardcore Fan, and Number One Fan, besides you may dance for Death Metal Knight.

The rewards you may obtain from WOW Blight Boar

You may obtain the new cage helms, including Chain-Linked Cage Helm, Lightly-Padded Cage Helm, Leather-Lined Cage Helm, and Steel-Reinforced Cage Helm. And you also may get Blight Boar Microphone and Deathnote Reaper.

New achievements from Blight Boar WOW concert

The new achievements you may get in Blight Boar WOW concert include Hey, You’re a Rockstar!, Mosh Pit, Perfect Performace, Stage Dive, and Taking this Show on the Road.

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