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“Russell Razzaque is a psychiatrist, writer and Mindfulness teacher who can provide the most effective treatment for all your mental health concerns.”


Dr. Russell Razzaque
Street: 8 Mariners Mews
City: London
Zip Code: E14 3EQ
Country: UK

London (The UK), 11th May 2017: Psychological issues are becoming more and more rampant in the UK. Several kinds of mental disorders like bipolarity, clinical depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, substance abuse and addiction etc along with sudden rupture of hopelessness, despair, and emptiness tend to disturb human minds continuously. The tragic consequences of such a condition can vary from social isolation to even suicide attempts. Dr. Russell Razzaque is one of the most renowned psychiatrists of the UK who has been practicing here for more than sixteen years now.

Having earned a medical degree and completed a diploma in psychotherapy from the University of London, he has a successful track record of treating his patients in the most sensitive manner and finding an effective solution to their mental turmoil. He is also a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and is also a part of the Specialist Register of the UK General Medical Council. Being associated with various organisations like the University of Cambridge and the National Health Service, he has gained a substantial experience in this medical field. He presently practices in East London as an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist and is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL.

For over ten years, he has been sharing a professional interest in mindfulness and is also actively researching on its application in adult mental health, especially with regard to how it can benefit the professionals. With this extensive knowledge and published papers in peer-reviewed journals on mindfulness, he teaches several people via online resources as well as retreats. He also imparts lessons and takes research initiative in other innovative mindful mental health care forms like the Open Dialogue through which he aims to lead a national multi-centre randomised controlled trial in the NHS.

If you are suffering from any mental issue or take a keen interest in psychotherapy and psychology, please visit his official website-

About Russell Razzaque: Russell Razzaque is a psychiatrist, writer and a Mindfulness teacher based in the UK. Along with his substantial knowledge in psychology and a solid expertise in dealing with mental issues, he has also authored a book on the connection between spiritual awakening and mental health issues and exploring consciousness, titled ‘Breaking Down Is Waking Up; The Connection Between Mental Illness & Spiritual Awakening.’ Visit for more information.



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