Sleep and Beyond Is Now Offering Free Shipping on 100% Organic and Natural Bedding

Sleep and Beyond is an American company known for the production of 100% natural and organic bedding products. The company has recently announced the incentive of offering free shipping to 48 different states of the USA on orders that exceed an amount of $100. The shipments are expected to get delivered within 2 to 6 days.

Sleep and Beyond is an American company that deals in different kinds of bedding solutions by offering 100% organic and natural bedding items. They recently have announced the facility of free shipping to all the states of the USA excluding Hawaii and Alaska on orders that exceed $100.

Sleep and Beyond is among the top three best brands in the Northern part of America and offers different kinds of wool bedding articles. 100% organic and natural bedding is the specialization of this company and they take pride in the quality of their products, as they are guaranteed to be 100% genuinely organic. Unlike the rest of the companies, Sleep and Beyond guarantees that their products are entirely genuine. The company has been in business since 1992 and their credibility has increased with every passing year before the eyes of the buyers of their products.

The raw material used in the manufacturing of any Sleep and Beyond product is guaranteed to be 100% organic and natural. It is usually created using a combination of different raw materials, including natural cotton, organic cotton, fully organic shropshire wool, merino wool and other similar stuff. It appears to be pretty unbelievable but Sleep and Beyond raises their own sheep to make sure that the raw materials are highly credible and doubtlessly genuine with a 100% degree of accuracy. The sheep are bred and brought up in farms situated in the natural and beautiful landscape of the republic of Kyrgyzstan which is especially known for the production of organic wool with a fine quality.

Sleep and Beyond claims to believe in delivering high value for money. Their products are a bit expensive but keeping in view the delivered quality and proposed lifespan of the products, the price seems to be pretty fair. Unlike the rest of the companies, products manufactured by Sleep and Beyond are guaranteed to offer the desired level of satisfaction to their buyers; as the raw materials as well as the craftsmanship come through the same roof.

Recently, Sleep and Beyond has recently introduced a new incentive of offering free shipping to all the states of the USA except Alaska and Hawaii. This free shipment deal applies to all the orders that exceed a sum of $100. All the orders are swiftly processed and are promised to get delivered at the doorstep of the buyers within a time span of 2 to 6 days. The time frame may vary for different states due to some unavoidable reasons.

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