Provide home-improvement consultation over video call and earn money

For all those home-improvement professionals who want to earn a little extra money for some easy work – Spojiti Pro is the app that you need. Spojiti Pro is an app that allows home-improvement professionals to provide their service to customers through a video call. The customer app is known as Spojiti and it is made for those customers who need immediate guidance to help them with home repair.

The best part about the app is that it allows home-improvement professionals to work without any constraints. You can do your work when you like and how you like it without anyone bossing you around. It also allows such experts to access an all new market because there are customers who might have never tried to take the help of professionals but now that it’s so easy, they’ll definitely be soliciting expert consultation.

Spojiti Pro has been made with the objective of making the lives of home-improvement professionals easier. It allows such experts to sign up for free so that they can work from home without any pressure or excessive traveling. There can be a lot of pressure when working under tough hours and traveling from one house to another. Well, not anymore – you can work the hours that suit you and you don’t have to travel at all. All you need is a phone or a tablet with a camera and you can get to work.

Spojiti Pro has many features all of which have been designed to make it easier for service professionals to work. The app is easy to understand- you can sign-up on the app for free and then all you have to do is wait for a customer to request for a service call and get connected. Guide and help the customer to solve the problem and get paid. It’s that easy! If you’re a plumber, mechanic, A/C professional, handyman, electrician or computer professional then we need you. You will be able to work in a professional environment all the while sitting at your home.

To ensure high-quality service, professionals are given ratings by customers after their consultation call. So, the better you do the better feedback you get which in turn helps your rating as a professional on our app. This data is also used by the people behind Spojiti to provide a better experience to you while you’re working on the app.

The user interface is simple, friendly and easy to understand. The app is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play. Ultimately, if you’re a home-improvement professional who wants to earn some extra money and try something new, then signup with Spojiti Pro now.



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