The Manisha Bapna is impressive samajik karyakarta on all over MP

Manisha ji Bapna Acting as a social worker for 15 years in Dewas and many area’s like Indore, Ujjain and other towns and villages of Malwa and villages and activities in education and training is a lawyer and a natural doctor. they will work for humanity is also known about the name of samajik karyakarta. she have also received many local state level and national level awards. have received the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award’ and ‘Life Time Achievement Award

Manisha Bapna is a household name in the field of social work management. Many social work students in the administration read her early Work in the field, Changing Hats: From Social work Practice to Administration, aimed at helping the practitioner decide whether to shift from case work or group work to administer. The belief that social work managers needed to have their own professional association committed to supporting them in their specific challenges along with the growth of their qualified expertise was the reason we founded the Network.

Social work is like other professions, very challenging, and at times it can be very demanding. Human behavior is unpredictable, and different people react to the same situations differently. In simple words social work means work carried out by skilled persons to help those who are in require. So everything which is done in order for the betterment of the society can be characterized as social work. Trained professionals who engage in social work are known as social workers. They deal with social, psychological, health and financial problems of people. public often mistake group workers for volunteers, but there is a lot of difference between the two.

Before stepping into the field, a social worker is trained in order to cope with any situation or condition. They are prepared to deal with harsh weather conditions, unwelcoming people and other constraints while on duty. It is an exciting profession and those willing to start a profession in this field have to be well prepared to deal with it and be able to provide counseling, guidance and assistance to the helpless people in the society, plus dealing with advocacy as well.

Some social workers do not stop working even after retirement as their experience is valuable to the newcomers entering the field, and it’s hard to turn that switch your brain off. Jobs for these professionals are available in the government, as well as the not-for-profit sector. In bygone times, social work was present in the form of charity and it slowly evolved. Due to this evolution, social care specialists need to keep their education upgraded at all times. Dealing with psychological and social problems requires adequate knowledge about these subjects. Even though members of this field cannot cure health problems, they can certainly guide people to where they can get proper help from.

Child abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, illiteracy are only a few of the problems which come under the category of social problems, there are many other problems which people don’t even know about because social workers are out there coping with them. Social work requires dedication and patience, and only those who love mankind, survive in this field. Apart from working in the field, these professionals also deal with the formation of social policy, as they are aware of what the problems actually are. The social sector is rising across the globe, and creating awareness among people as to how they can lead a better life

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