What To Watch Out For In A White Label Partner

The following content is a part of “The Ultimate Guide To White Label” which was originally published on the Vendasta.

They also sell to SMBs

If they do, make sure there is a way that they can ensure that they won’t poach your clients or that you won’t be in competition with them for prospective clients. If they can offer a lower price and you are selling the same product, you know that the SMB is probably going to choose the more cost effective option.

Their products/services are too cheap to be true

If so, they probably are. You are looking to add a product or service that adds benefit to your clients. Make sure you do your homework and act in the best interests for your agency and customer. Don’t let your clients down like that!

They are bad and/or inconsistent with communication

Bad communication between you and the white label service provider can lead to problems that will build up and end in broken client relationships. Remember, with white label products or services, your brand name is on the line. Make sure you put your brand name on a product or service that you are proud to offer your customers—as proud as you are to offer your own in-house products and services.

There is little brand consistency

This is another point that lines up with communication. Make sure your white label product/service provider knows your brand and how to represent you. If you are just another number to your partner, expect them to treat your customers the same. If you have specific standards or procedures for how you treat your customers, don’t settle for any less. You want the white label software or services to be an extension of your brand and the level of quality that you bring to the table.

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