Why Grow Your Own Weeds?

Landrace Strains

Many people love the idea of growing their own weeds but still struggle to make up their mind whether they should cultivate their own cannabis or not. If you have known all the benefits of growing cannabis at home you would not take so much time to decide. Here are some very good reasons why you should consider growing your own cannabis.

It is very likely that you started thinking of growing your own cannabis with the idea of saving money. Yes, you will certainly be saving a considerable amount of money when you grow your own cannabis. You will in fact be spending just a fraction of the cost for the cultivation process. If you are planning to grow your cannabis outdoors then the only major expense would be the seed cost. If you are planning to grow your cannabis indoors then you will be incurring the setup costs and that too only for the first batch but for that for all the subsequent batches you will be incurring just the seed costs. This is the primary motivating factor for many people.

Besides the above benefit there are number of other benefits. For example, you need not have to depend on your cannabis supplier who offers you no variations or varieties. You are forced to go with the single variety without any option. You could overcome this totally by choosing to grow your own cannabis at home. You can choose any genetic strain you like. For one batch of cultivation you could choose the Kush strains and for another batch you could choose white strains, skunk strains or Landrace strains. You can enjoy even exotic cannabis strains. Enjoy the best cannabis strains available in the market. New genetic strains are continually released into the market. You could enjoy different varieties and have a fabulous cannabis smoking experience.

If you have been making use of cannabis regularly, you would know how difficult it is to keep yourself stocked. When you grow cannabis at home it is unlikely that you will run short of your weeds because you can plan your cultivation frequency and extent based on your needs. You will have endless supply of weeds to smoke and it is one good reason why you should grow cannabis.

The next factor is that you will have control over the quality of the weeds you smoke. When you buy cannabis buds in the marketplace, you have absolutely no control over the quality. The tendency often is to go with what is available rather than being too picky especially when you know that it is going to be difficult to get your supply. When you grow your own weed, you could closely monitor the entire process and keep an eye on the plant’s health. You can also choose to harvest the buds anytime you like. Depending on your preferences you can harvest at any stage you like.

All these reasons make growing one’s own cannabis a worthwhile endeavor.


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