South Etobicoke Hypnotist offers “Atomic Brain Massage”


Etobicoke, Ontario May 8, 2017   After a stressful week, many people to decompress with a back massage.  There is nothing to compare to that luscious limp and relaxed feeling you get as you lie there having your cares rubbed away.

Nothing—that is—except a Mind Spa hypnosis session with local Hypnotist Sharon Howes. “One of my clients calls it the Atomic Brain Massage” laughs Howes “but I prefer Mind Spa as it seems less Frankensteiny.”

Howes started doing the 45 minute sessions after realizing that her relaxation and stress protocols were the most requested.

During a Mind Spa session, Howes gently guides the client into a deep state of peaceful relaxation and offers them a selection of “feel good” protocols ranging from Ego Strengthening to Inner Peace.

Howes states that “Not only do you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after the session, the positive messages stay with you, they empower you. I sincerely can’t think of anything other than a vacation that can make you feel as good after a stressful week.”

Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes and costs $49.00 with a 5 protocol Serenity Package available for $199.00.

Howes received her certification in Advanced Clinical Hypnosis from the U of T Faculty of Social Work and is a member of The National Guild of Hypnotists.  She originally traveled to her client’s homes but decided to set down business roots in South Etobicoke where she also resides.

She opened her new office last month in the historically designated Birmingham Business Centre. She shares her office with Power Works Life Coaching run by her business partner Joanna Geary.

Howes is hoping to change the way people think of Hypnosis. “A lot of people go to a hypnotist for weight loss, smoking cessation and habit change, which is wonderful and I do offer those services, but there is something so sublime in just allowing your mind to be at complete peace. I would love people to realize the Hypnosis can be just as relaxing and restorative as a massage or a facial.”

“We all love our massages and our manis and pedis—but why treat our toes better than we treat our minds?”

Sharon Howes
80 Birmingham St.
Etobcioke, Ontario
Ph: 647.977.3998


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