Commercial Bridge loans

At Bridge Direct we are happy to announce that they we are offering commercial bridge loans in both small and large scales.

A Commercial Bridge loan is the short-term finance, which is offered by the bridge loan lender to fulfill any commercial business requirement. Due to the expanded demands and increased popularity of Bridge loans, Bridge Direct will give an instant decision on all of their bridge loan deals.

As the demand for Bridging has extended from just simply purchasing additional or new property to almost any business requirement, Bridge Direct has established itself as the go to lender for all types of Bridge loan and Bridging finance.

Bridge Direct has helped hundreds of people over the years successful release equity through the use of Bridge Loans to meet their financial needs. With well over 30 years of experience and access to well over £12 million in funds, they are here to fund any kind of project, whether small or large.

Below are few reasons why many business owners choose Bridge Direct as their first choice when they were looking for commercial bridge loans in the UK region:

Fast Loan Approvals:

After applying for Commercial Bridge loan at Bridge Direct, you will get an instant decision. The Bridge Direct team has 30 years of lending experience and will help find the right deal for you, even if you have adverse or bad credit. 1st and 2nd charges are also available.

Flexible Repayment Options:

Bridge Direct will offer flexible loan repayment options to all of their clients.  Here at Bridge Direct we offer best possible deal to all our customers, offering an instant decision to all enquiries.

Satisfied customers across the UK:

Bridge Direct has hundreds of satisfied customers that return again and again because of our quality service and friendly attitude. Today many businesses will contact us a the first port of call whenever they have commercial bridge loan requirements.

30 Years of Lending Experience:

At Bridge Direct, we have dedicated highly experienced team who always analyze your requirements thoroughly and approve Bridge loan with flexible repayment options.

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