The Rain of Rap Planning To Launch His New Single “Unconditional Love” in 2017

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The Rain, 7 May, 2017: The Rain who is a popular song writer, actor, music director, film maker and recorder has been planning to launch his new single “Unconditional Love” in 2017. He is a multitalented person born on 8th July, 1981 in Queens NY. Through his new project launch the actor plans to make a huge investment in his project and strives to do something different from all other ventures he has been doing till now.

Some of his specialities are music videos making, song writing, recording label, acting, film making and many more. The songwriter has finished his study after HS. He started with career with commercials and movies, and he also performed at Grammys show.

In 2011, he has produced a TV show named “Kicking it With Rosie”, and after that he also produced his own TV show named as “On The Grind”. In his TV show he has invited many special guests including Ice T & Coco, Shelia, Rev Al Sharpton, Hurricane, Bugsy and Dr. Bob lee from WBLS-Radio, Female Comedian S’more and many more.

In the year 2013, he released a single called “It’s About To Go Down” which was acclaimed as one of the Hoods favourite. The Rain of Rap has achieved many things in his life with his special talent and he always knew he has special talent, which motivated him to grow his career in different projects. He has also performed many shows around New York and also outside of NYC. He hosted as a VJ in Rep Time Radio.

According to reports currently he is working on his new project “Unconditional Love” single which is going to be released in 2017.

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About Company: The Rain is a multitalented rapper who also known as a song writer, film maker, actor, music director and recorder. According to reports this artists is about to launch his new single “Unconditional Love” in 2017.

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