In order to set up an Android device, you have to sign in with a Google account. But you can add more than one Gmail or Google account, like a work or second personal account. If you’re logged into your Google or Gmail Account then it should work instantly. If not, head to your Google or Gmail Account page through Gmail or another service and follow the links to the Security page. If you see something you don’t recognize or devices you no longer use then click the bright red Remove button. All of the devices that have access to your Google or Gmail Account will be shown on screen and you can select any one of them to see more details. Any devices that haven’t used your account in the last 28 days are marked with an alert symbol.

If you log into a new device with the same Google or Gmail account that you are already using elsewhere, a few things will happen: you will get emails on devices as well as any Hangouts messages, YouTube subscriptions and other Google or Gmail account preferences on both devices. After you’ve clicked through the confirmation dialog, the device is deleted from the list. The good thing about this method is that any Google or Gmail Play Store purchases you may have made will also be available on both devices, so you won’t have to pay for another license to install that app on a secondary device. You’ll also be able to keep up to date with what’s happening and work from either device.

This way is still very easy, but requires a little more setup to get it working just how you want it to. Basically, you’re already logged into your primary device with your main Google or Gmail account, then, on the second device you create a new Google or Gmail account as the main account and add your primary Google or Gmail account as well. This now gives you the opportunity to select which account you would like to associate with various apps. Perhaps you want photos taken on both devices to be uploaded to the same Google or Gmail Photos account, but you don’t want your YouTube video history or Chrome search history appearing on a device your kids often play with. There are so many places on the web where you can check for suspicious activity, such as the account activity link at the bottom of the Gmail inbox. Still want more help then contact Gmail Customer Service Number or visit here for easy help.

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