Wow Patch 7.2.5:The Great Gnomeregan Race with wow gold on sale

Running of the Gnomes gets official recognition in World of Warcraft as a micro-holiday called The Great Gnomeregan Race! In Patch 7.2.5, you can race from Dun Morogh to Booty Bay! The event is likely to debut sometime in October alongside the official event.

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Join the Gnomes as they celebrate their unrelenting moxie! Race across the Eastern Kingdoms, from Gnomeregan down to Booty Bay!

What’s Running of the Gnomes?

Players create Level 1 pink-haired Gnomes and race from Dun Morogh to Booty Bay with the goal to race money to fight breast cancer. You can find more information in a post we did about last year’s run. Don’t forget to follow WarcraftCares on Twitter for announcements related to this year’s run!
The latest builds added new Darkmoon Faire achievements, a weapon with a unique look that drops from Maiden of Vigilance, Legendary item upgrades, Heirlooms, new Warlock glyphs and more.
Tier 20 Set Bonuses for Brewmasters have been revamped, Fists of FuryFists of Fury range increase is baseline for PvE, Unholy Death Knight tuning continues with changes to Crypt FeverCrypt Fever & Necrotic StrikeNecrotic Strike.
Quick heads up on the new PTR build – Blackout ComboBlackout Combo’s talent tooltip states that it only reduces the cooldown of Breath of FireBreath of Fire by 3 seconds, but it will still reduce it by 6. This will be fixed in the next build.

FYI, the datamined Brewmaster T20 bonuses are an old draft. New draft is this:

2T20: Drinking a Brew triggers Gift of the OxGift of the Ox.
4T20: Gift of the OxGift of the Ox orbs also purify 10% of your staggered damage.

For clarification, numbers in that set bonus idea are not final (thus calling it a draft). We’re thinking now that 10% is likely too high, but that the concept sounds good.

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