4 Great Tools for Digital Marketing

Online business now becomes a choice for many people. It is so much reasonable then if we may also need anything related to the digital marketing. Actually, it is so easy to define what the digital marketing is. Yes, every business must need to be promoted and advertised so that the owner can get more customers and of course profit. This is also what you must do if you want to do your business online. For the sake of gaining more visitors, customers, and money, digital marketing must be done. You must not worry since there are some tools or software that can be used for digital marketing. What are they? Here are some of them.


Before starting so many things, you must make sure that you have already optimized your website in many ways. That’s why an optimization tool like HotJar must be available then. There are many features that can be accessed in order to optimize your website. It is important so that there will be more visitors and customers later. Another excess of this tool is related to its ability to see and observe what your visitors do when they are on your website via some features like recording and conversion funnes. Interestingly, you can install this software as a mobile app. Therefore, the process of survey and analyzing can be conducted anywhere.

Simply Measured

After the optimization is done, all you need to do toward your blog or website is observing whether it works well or not. In other words, you must know exactly the performance of your website. For this matter, you can use or install Simply Measured. Once you ask, it will create marketing report of traffic via some kinds of social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. it is basically to know which one of those social media that can help you to gain more customers. This tool can be installed for free basically. However, if you want to have some additional features, sure, you must pay for them.


PollDaddy is software to conduct an online survey. You can make your own polling that is surely still related to your own website. For you the users of WordPress, you must be happy anyway. Why? It is because PollDaddy has been integrated to WordPress so that you can just freely make the survey. In term of features, this tool actually has so many interesting features to add. However, many of those important features can only be accessed when we have upgraded our membership status into Pro. In other words, if you still use the free account, you can only make question from using default CSS without any ability to customize it.


If your online business is created by a group of people as a team, Trello can be one of the tools that you must have then. It basically helps you to manage your projects and let you still on the same page with your team. Sharing the works with other people on your team is possible then before they are being published. Yes, this digital marketing enables you to discuss just like in the meeting room even if the members are not in the same place.

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